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What Is Tantric Sex in Healdsburg?

Tantric sex could even be a way of gender that aims to attain mindfulness and deep connection for its participants through breathwork, prolonged eye contact, embracing massage, and slow, deliberate intercourse. Tantric sex is one component of tantra (“weave” in Sanskrit), a spiritual belief system from India that focuses on mind-body connections. The goal of tantric sex is to maneuver sexual energy between participants to facilitate healing, transformation, and spiritual growth.

A tantric lovemaking session does not happen quickly, but usually lasts from two to ten hours in a row-otherwise one cannot achieve sexual and spiritual unity! The tantric lovemaking session does not last fast, but usually lasts for two to ten hours in a row - otherwise one cannot achieve sexual and spiritual unity.

Breathing in unison

Before making love, dentists advise you to learn how to breathe in unison. To do this, do the following: lie opposite each other and imagine a bright orange stream of energy passing through your bodies. Try to breathe at the same time.

The stages of tantric sex

  1. Waiting. During this period, partners admire each other's naked bodies without touching them. In this way, they accumulate spiritual energy and the desire to touch. To do this, you need to sit across from each other, cross-legged. You look into your partner's eyes, but do not touch him or her. Begin to breathe deeply, imagining that the flow of air originates in the genital area, passes through the spine, and exits through the lungs. After 10-15 minutes of such meditation, you can take your partner's hands and continue breathing. When you realize that you can touch your partner, start touching.
  2. Caresses. While caressing, try some tantric touching techniques. The partner to be caressed should close his or her eyes. The other partner caresses him slowly and for a long time with just his fingertips. The woman sits on the man so that their genitals are touching. No penetration is allowed for now. Partners slowly caress each other with their hands and lips.
  3. Penetration. The essence of tantric sex is its slowness. That is why the man penetrates the woman also very slowly. One has to wait for 1-2 minutes before penetration, admiring the beauty of the woman.
  4. The active stage of sex. During the process, pay a lot of attention to breathing. A woman and a man can breathe alternately: a man breathes in, a woman breathes out at this moment, and vice versa. Or you can breathe in unison.
  5. Stop orgasm. During active intimacy, when you feel that you are approaching orgasm, it is important to stop, lie down next to your partner and enjoy this feeling. Tantra lovers say that at this point, partners transform sexual energy and move it to a higher stage. You have to do this several times.

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