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Erotic massage in Belmont. You've found exactly what you need!

Erotic massage is a special kind of massage that promotes the development of inner potential, increases sensitivity, and enhances harmony in relationships. This kind of massage has been known for a very long time. This kind of massage can be considered the homeland of Asian countries because it was here that the doctrine of "Love DAO" emerged and began to develop, which was the school of erotic massage. The massage was attributed with the miraculous property to prolong life.

Salons and individuals of erotic massage in Belmont, California

If we talk about healing, it is undoubtedly the most pleasant way. It can be used by everyone, regardless of marital status, age, and sexual experience. Erotic massage enriches your sex life and increases libido. Thanks to him, you can open erotic pleasure zones and get vivid sensations. If you constantly use this type of massage, there is a release of sexual energy, and the body becomes one point of pleasure.

When performing the massage, the atmosphere is very important. Erotic massage requires a special mood. The room should be warm, but not hot. Absolutely no bright light is needed. It is better if the lighting is soft and light sources are removed from sight.

Aromas - it depends on them more than can be assumed. Here it is necessary to choose not harsh and not heavy smells, so it is worth experimenting with this in advance. Especially worth thinking about the massage oil, because the choice is very wide and should be prepared in advance. It is better to choose a specialist for such cases, flavored massage oil for erotic massage. In addition, it is desirable quiet music, music without words, soft and melodic, slow and penetrating. Relaxation is a very important moment of erotic massage.

The purpose of erotic massage

The purpose of erotic massage is to create favorable conditions for sensual pleasure and arousal of the partner, which will culminate in full and timely orgasm. The task of erotic massage is sexual stimulation by stroking, and touching by hand the erogenous zones, such as breasts, hips, genitals, clitoris, labia, and labia majora.

Erotic massage is performed in the nude, so it is recommended to take a bath or shower before starting the erotic massage. Erotic massage can be performed in bed, bathtub, on a chair, mat (on the floor), etc. Before the erotic massage, your hands should be lubricated with cream, lotion, or aromatic oil. Hands should be warm, and soft, nails trimmed short. The entire body and genitals should be massaged for arousal.

The massage technique

Reminds classical, it includes the same techniques of exposure - kneading, stroking, rubbing, and vibration. For the best effect, both partners must be relaxed. A mandatory condition is a complete relaxation and lack of anxiety.

For the sake of pleasure, a person can overcome various difficulties and deprivations. Erotic massage is just the kind of pleasure for which it is not necessary to overcome any incredible obstacles. It is a pleasure that is close at hand, you only need to know how to get it.

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